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My first Collab in forever

2016-04-24 16:58:44 by Ectisity

So as some of you might, remember I used to do a lot of audio collabs in my earlier days. Since then I've started a couple, but never gotten to completing any. Well, now finally after all this time I've completed a DnB collab with Ggaero. Had a lot of fun working on it, so hope you guyz enjoy it as well. And give @ggaero sum luv. Deserves more than the 7 fans he currently has :). Not often I use my frontpage post privelligies to promote my music, but I think it's worth it to promote an underrated artist :).

I'm Beeck - New Track

2016-04-17 16:58:54 by Ectisity

I have returned with a new track after such a long time without uploading anything. Been working a while on this one :).

99 fans :O!

2015-02-17 15:32:28 by Ectisity

Holy molly, I'm only one awy from those golden three digits!! 

I haven't really decided what I actually want to do to celebrate. I'll probably make a special track to all of you awesome people, but I want to do something more in addition. Thinking of a steam giveaway just for the heck of it, but I'll see if I can't think of a good idea :D.

First Sunrise - Frontpaged

2014-11-15 17:16:54 by Ectisity

I don't know for how long "First Sunrise" has been frontpaged, but I just noticed that it is :D. 

It's my second ever frontpage, Rainbow Stream being my first one, So it feels pretty sweet :D. Thanks to the lovely moderator who frontpaged it, whoever you are :).


First Sunrise:

Label signing - Soundcloud - New track

2014-11-02 16:33:26 by Ectisity

Hi Guyz! It's been a while since I've made a news post so I figured it was about time that I did :). I've been a bit busy with school lately so haven't gotten to be as active as I used to lately. 


First thing I want to talk about is that I sorta "signed" to an amateur label earlier this month. It isn't really any big label or anything, just a bunch of electronic artistmaking music and publishing it under a label name. I see it as a good way to get to know other msucians and a way to let people that probably wouldn't have heard my music otherwise hear my music. The label is called "Sound Siti" btw and it consists of around 6 artists. We just "released" an "album" sortof recently called commence. You can listen to it on soundcloud if you want. (And yes, I know that the other artists are much more talented than me XD.)


Talking about soundcloud, there's another thing I also want to point out. From now on I'll start being more active on my soundcloud, especially with posting remixes that I can't post on here because of the rules. If you want to keep up to date with all my stuff you can follow me on soundcloud if you want :) : 

Newgrounds will ofc be the place where I'll primarily post my original work :). 


That's pretty much all I wanted to talk about :). I remember that I used to promote artists in this news post before so I'll just pick an artist I want to mention :).                                                                                                          This time around I want to give a special shoutout to                                                     He's a bit of a diamond in the rough, but he has a lot of talent, and he is definetly worth checking out ;). Here is one of his tracks:


Last, but not least I should probably mention that I have a new track if you haven't heard it yet :). It's my first take on proper EDM music, so I would love some feedback on it :D. 


Yup, that was all for me :). Se y'all in a week or so XD. 





I just finished a dance track that I've been working on this week, so that means that I'll finally be able to upload a proper track for you guyz this week X3. Thx for your patience :D, luv ya ;).

I haven't been able to upload as much lately, but I just uploaded a cool little chillstep track :). Go check it out :D. Feedback is most appreciated ;).

I just uploaded a new dance track called "Amuzing Rides" Go check it out if you haven't yet, and tell me what you think about ;). All feedback is greatly appreaciated :D.

I just uploaded a new dance track called "Driplets on the Water". Feedback is most appreciated :). 

Hope you enjoy :D.

New Game Incoming/Slowly Approaching :D!

2014-08-13 15:33:42 by Ectisity

Hi Guyz :). 

Most of you probably don't know this, but I occasionally make small games from time to time. I have one game uploaded on newgrounds, but it kinda turned into a flop because the artist bailed out XD. Anyways, the last 6 months or so I've actually been working on a bigger game project. It dosen't really have a name yet or a proper story, but it's basically a bit like a top-down view minecraft mixed with RPG's like zelda. It has survival and building elements from minecraft, though  the building has quite a twist to it, and typical rpg elements especially from games like Zelda.


I'm trying to get it done by the end of this year, but motivation is dipping a bit up and down, and I don't know how much time I'll have to work on this. I'm starting my first year in high school this monday, and I don't really know how much harder it will be than secondary school, so I'll have to see before I can promise any date of release XD.       Don't expect too much of this project though. It's just a one man project done by a 16 year old after all XD. 

Atm I'm the programmer, artist, musician and writer for this XD. The only art I've actually done is the grass and the character X3. I can do proper pixelart if I put my mind on it though XD! Hopefully I can find a partner sometime, but I think that would be problematic as I probably wouldn't be able to fulfill my limit because of a lack of time X3.


And, yes, this game is web-based so it will be uploaded to newgrounds when it's finished :). Hope there is at least someone that is a tiny bit interested in this :3. I'll make updates now and then regardless XD.

I'll leave links to some vids of the game below :3 Sorry for bad quality X3. The newest video (The first one) is actually from may, but I can't really make an updated one because the game is really messy in this stage of development X3. The quality is a bit better if you go and watch it on youtube.



Building Timelapse

Gameplay 001: 


Here is some REALLY early gameplay footage of the game if you're interested in seeing it won't embedd this:

Gameplay 000-1(Really early version of the game):


Gameplay 000-2(Earliest I have):


Me building/writing mah rad name in mah rad game (The screen was to small for me to take a picture of the entire thing, but oh well XD:Me writing/building mah super rad name in mah super rad game >:0