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I make Dance and stuffz. Ectisity is a mix of my name, Enoch, and Electricity. Add in a bit of misspelling, and you have Ectisity. Profile pic made by solwings.newgrounds.com :D!

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Been a while since I've done one of these update posts, and considering that a lot of stuff has happend lately I felt like it would be a good time :). 


First of all I want to refer you guyz to @RealFaction 's latest newspost. Some of you might have checked out the new album by The Underground Collective, but in case you haven't I advise all of you to go read the newspost and if possible donate to the gofund. It's at time s like this we need to stand together as a community..



Some of you may have seen it already, but my track "Lonely hermit" Won this years Art Inspired Music Contest :D. AIM has always been a very special contest for me as it was during first contest in 2014 that I got my first real breakthrough with "Cosmic Stream of Life". I've always looked up to artists like Johnfn and Skyewint who have won the NGADM and the A.I.M in the past, and it's absoulutely unbelieveable for me that I actually was able to win a contest as well :) Lonely Hermit was my first attempt at making orchestral music , but it certainly won't be my last :D. 


Youtube & Soundcloud

So as some of you probably noticed I haven't been uploading as much as I normally do year. I'm constantly producing music, but I think I've been getting a lot more selective about the tracks that I upload, thus I usually just upload the tracks that I'm satisfied with. In addition to this I've been working on remixes this year that I can't really upload to Newgrounds. On that note I've decided to broaden my perspective a bit, and I've finally decided to use Youtube and Soundcloud in addition to Newgrounds to get my music out there. I'm planning on mainly using Soundcloud and Youtube to upload remixes while I'll keep my original work on here while ocassionally uploading some of them to Soundcloud. The FLP's for all the remixes will be available under the youtube video (after it gets 20 likess

So basically if you're interested in my music at all it would great if you could follow me on Youtube and Soundcloud as well ;). Recently uploaded a remix of "beautiful Mess" by Kristian Kostov.


Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oFWzlQpwFcI


Review Request Club

As you all have noticed, the Review Request Club has been rather inactive lately. This year has been filled with exams and personal matters, so I haven't had as much time to be active on NG and thus I haven't been able to organize the club. The good news i that I'm completely done with my exams in less than a months time, and then the RRC will be in full swing again :). In the meantime, feel free to conitnue posting your tracks in the thread. Though I'm not able to review all of them, I still get notifications from the thread, and I do check the tracks out and leave reviews occasionally. I'm sure other members are doing the same thing :)


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