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I make Dance and stuffz. Ectisity is a mix of my name, Enoch, and Electricity. Add in a bit of misspelling, and you have Ectisity. Profile pic made by solwings.newgrounds.com :D!

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Lately I've been expanding my horizons a bit and trying a couple new things on youtbe and Soundcloud. As I've said before, I have no intention of leaving Newgrounds, but I think it's about time I try to find where I want to go with my content online. And thus I've decided to go back to my early early roots and the first content I actually uploaded online: Video Games.  The reason why I completely stopped making video games some years ago was because I stopped finding programming enjoyable. After all these years however, I feel actually motivated to work through the tedious tasks to actually make a finished product. Also I've actually had Programming in school for the last three years, so I feel a bit more prepared now than I was before. 


I'm still looking for a fitting game engine. I've used both Gamemaker, Construct 2, Unity and Unreal, but I've noticed that there's a couple of new engines like Godot and MonoGame that are getting good reviews, so I gotta have a look around. For the time being I'll be using GameMaker to get back into the groove again. I've been working on a small and short platformer (I'll drop a video down below) for the "My First Game Jam"  Jam over on itch.io. I'm on the lookout for play-testers with controllers as I have a couple of things that need testing, so please reach out if you wanna help a brother out ;).


So basically I just wanted to give a quick little update to bring you up to speed what I've been doing lately. In hindsight it was probably a terrible idea to participate in a game jam, A.i.M and NGADM at the same time, but I'm having fun with all of it so oh well.


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