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New Projects, 100 YT Subs, My Future Plans

Posted by Ectisity - December 12th, 2018

New Projects

Yo guyz! It's been a while since I did a proper update on what I'm up to these days, so I figured I'd do one right now. It's a pretty good timing actually, as there have been some quite interesting things happening lately. 

First of all, some of  you might have noticed my little animation/music video/creepypasta thing I uploaded recently. If the "Part 1 of 4" didn't make it obvious enough, it's part of a greater series, or rather I should say a greater world. I wanted to do something for both Newgrounds and Youtube, and this series is the result of that. I'm really happy for all the positive feedback I've gotten :). I'll add a little teaser for the next part below.


normalis job in dies



100 Subs on Youtube

Speaking of Youtube, I recently hit 100 subscribers on there, which is pretty mind-blowing for me. I've found it extremely enjoyable this last year to just make stupid songs about things I like, and I would never thought that people would actually want to come back and see more of it. Though I still plan on making "proper" music as well, it's always nice to have a place where you can just kick back and not worry about all the technical nitty gritty stuff.



My Future Plans

I have more motivation to actually make stuff, and I've finally realized that the reason why I haven't been satisfied with my music these past years, is that I never intended for it to stop at music. My original reason for making music was because to use it as a part of something greater. I've never wanted to be an artist or just a music producer, but rather I've always wanted to create my own world through visual and auditory input. Thus most of music I produce in the future will probably be part of bigger projects, which again means that I'll probably upload even less music in the coming year than I've done this year. Hopefully that's understandable, and if you've enjoyed my music these past years, I really appreciate all the support, and I hope you'll enjoy the stuff I make. 

This ended up sounding like some kind of retirement speech, but I'm just getting started :D.


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I really miss your "proper" music. Your production quality improved a lot shortly before you became less active. I still enjoy the "stupid" stuff on your youtube channel though :) It's nice that you're more ambitious now. That's something I struggle with myself.